Ready to get out of the house and celebrate/enjoy the upcoming holiday season with your family and friends, but still want to be safe and avoid COVID-19 and the Delta variant? If you’re in wine country (Paso Robles, Edna Valley, or Santa Ynez Valley) here on the Central Coast and want to go wine tasting, here are 3 easy tips to staying safe, healthy, and happy!

1. Go Wine Tasting On A Week Day

Everyone loves wine, from locals to visitors! Do you know the favorite time that everyone loves to go wine tasting? You probably can guess it – Saturdays. This day, in particular, is known for crowds at wineries, followed by busy Fridays then Sundays. So, if you go on a weekday wine tour, you can easily avoid all of the hustle and bustle (and table wait times).

Not only that, but you’ll usually be able to get a more immersive experience. Since the winery team is rushing from table to table, they have more time to talk about the wines and the winery’s history. You’ll also want to make sure you’ve placed a reservation so the winery team can prepare a table and glasses for your group ahead of time. (Wine tasting is in high demand these days, and whether you opt for a weekday wine tour or not, you’ll still want to make a reservation.) 

Bonus safety points if you enjoy your wine outside! The weather on the Central Coast is perfect for outdoor wine tasting, and the views are usually fantastic.

2. Bring Your Mask & Santizer

When you walk around indoors in a winery or come across another group wine tasting, it always helps to have a mask ready to go. Visitors are traveling from all over the country to visit Central Coast wineries, so it never hurts to wear your mask during those situations, just in case. Then after touching doors to enter or exit the winery, it’s nice to have hand sanitizer handy, especially if you plan on eating/snacking while wine tasing. (Good news if you embark on a SLO Safe Ride Wine Tour, we have complimentary masks and hand sanitizer ready to go for you and your family.) 


3. Avoid Taxis & Ride Sharing

Taxis and ridesharing options are easy and cheap. But, there’s a good reason why most travelers opt-out of riding with them and choosing trusted private charters instead. Not only is the quality of service higher with private charters (here at SLO Safe Ride, you can opt for reservations to be made for you, catered lunches, and more), but they also offer a higher standard of cleanliness and sanitation. So as you’re traveling with near and dear family and friends, you have peace of mind.

Pandemic or not, no one wants to pick up a cold or the flu from traveling, and taxis and ridesharing vehicles are breeding grounds for them. There’s just not enough time between pickups for drivers of old modes of transportation to deep clean their ride for you. Whereas here at SLO Safe Ride, we have an entire team of professional detailers cleaning every vehicle before it ever leaves our parking lot. The health and safety of our riders are something we take seriously.


Cheers To Safe & Fun Wine Tasting

Now that you’re a wine tasting safety expert, it’s time to get you and your family and friends scheduled for a wine tour! Reservations for wine tours, brewery tours, and distillery tours for the holiday season are filling up fast. Book a phone consultation to talk about a wine tour on the Central Coast, or email, or fill out the form below for a free transportation quote.

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