SLO Safe Ride Anniversary

Our Story
SLO Safe Ride was founded in 2010 by two Cal Poly students and one long time San Luis Obispo resident. The three co-founders noticed that it was very difficult to get a safe ride home from the local bars. Unhappy with this finding, they purchased a used van and began offering students, tourists, and local residents a safe transportation option. Their reputation for friendly customer service and safe rides spread throughout San Luis Obispo. Soon, they were asked to provide larger vehicles for winery and brewery tours. Then, even larger vehicles for weddings and festivals. This growth has continued, resulting in the large fleet and professional drivers you can book today!
Our Mission
Our mission is to exceed client expectations by providing the highest quality of service possible in a timely manner. Whether it is a ride to the airport, an all-day wedding shuttle, or wine tasting tour, we believe in holding our transportation to the highest standard. Clean vehicles, friendly drivers, and prompt service are our trademarks, and we hope every customer steps out of our vehicles with a smile.
SLO Safe Ride Core Values
Safety FirstEvery time we provide a ride, we are responsible for the well-being of our passengers.  Nothing is more important than delivering our clients safely to their destination, and each action we make has an impact on the job. Consistent excellence in customer serviceThe SLO Safe Ride experience starts with our marketing and office staff, and does not stop until the ride is over.  We strive to make our products thoroughly enjoyable, accommodating, and stress free. Positive Problem SolvingThe most important thing to do as a team when faced with adversity is to overcome it, regardless of who is at fault.  We are above finger pointing, and aim to raise the morale of our co-workers by helping them through any situation. Individual and team growthThe stronger each component of our teams is, the better we will do overall.  That’s why we encourage learning new skills, embracing leadership, and value being a member of the SLO Safe Ride and San Luis Obispo communities. Happy and willing to sharePart of what makes our organization great is a universal positive attitude.  We deliver quality service with a smile, and enjoy sharing our experiences with both customers and co-workers. 
Our Culture
Because we strive so hard to maintain excellence, we put a premium on accountability. Accountability at SLO Safe Ride means the ownership, management, and staff all work together to promote a product we are proud to associate ourselves with. We want each customer to walk away with an experience that leads them to tell their friends and family about the great service provided by SLO Safe Ride.
transportation award
Rising Star Award
SLO Safe Ride was the recipient of the UC Merced 2015 Rising Star Award. This award is given to a community-minded business that has shown growth and success under the guidance of the Small Business Development Center. SLO Safe Ride accomplished this by doubling in size for three consecutive years while earning an outstanding reputation. SLO Safe Ride continues to embrace the ideals that won them this award: Hard work, dedication to the community, and the notion that customer service always comes first.
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