When planning a bachelor party, you want to make sure you get the proper shenanigans dialed up.  This is the last big hurrah before your beloved friend takes the plunge into a domestic life of early nights and lame excuses, so getting your group out of their comfort zone and into some wild situations is a must.  Without listing anything illicit or illegal, we’re here to help give you some pointers on how to rally the troops in the name of love:

  • Hire group transportation for the whole weekend.

This is especially key on the Central Coast, where the region is a bit spread out and much of the lodging is tucked away in the countryside.  Having a limo bus or midsize bus makes it so much easier to bring belongings, carry goodies you purchase at outings, and not have to stand around ordering 5 different ride services while the mood dampens.

brewery tour

  • Drink from the source!

Now that you have a mode of responsibly living it up, tour some places that create the finest adult beverages of your choice!  Wine tours, brewery tours, and distillery tours are amazing ways to spend the afternoon, especially if you know how to spice them up—bring games (however, various wineries have corn hole, bocce ball, and board games), cater lunches, and let each experience build off of the components you keep adding.

  • Take in a live show.

Concerts, comedy shows, or even something off the wall like a magic show—these are all great ways to create a vibe for your group while providing a change of pace.  Figure out what your group is into beforehand, and depending on the type of planner you are, either stick to those interests, or do the exact opposite! With close friends, it’ll be good no matter what, and extra points if you get the soon-to-be to participate in the show!

  • Group Meals

This might seem like a no brainer—find the classiest establishments so you can eat and drink like royalty, and then mix it up with some great local, fast casual for the other meals.  One of our favorite activities, though, is to cook a feast as a group and enjoy it wherever you all are staying.  Something like a big group Bagna Cauda, or homemade sushi, or a pizza night is a fun way to have the group be hands on and take constructive pride in your culinary prowess.  Make sure to pair the food with some of the local wine or beer you got while on your tasting tour, too!

  • Beach or Park Day

The great outdoors is a classic way to bring out the collective inner child of your group.  Grab some sports equipment, lawn games, drinking games, or whatever other activities you want to do under the sun.  Make sure to pack snacks and water, and especially sunscreen, and once you’re out there, let the worries melt away as you relax– or better yet, run around carefree with your besties!

  • Road trip!

This is not for the faint of heart, but has proven to be an amazing plot twist to a destination bachelor party.  If you have already hired a limo or party bus, find an awesome destination a little outside the area you all are staying.  Keep it under wraps, but plan some activities for the ride out there and once you arrive.  Bring supplies, play camp games, sing, jam out, and enjoy the surprise on your friends’ faces when they pull up to a national park or arrive in a city they never thought they’d experience that weekend.

  • Group Matching Tattoos? 

Just kidding.  But seriously.  Maybe.  Maybe?

There are tons of other great activities to choose from, but the key to all of it is putting in the work beforehand.  If you plan to have a responsible ride service and hire an awesome bus provider like SLO Safe Ride, or get a sprinter from Obsidian Luxury Services, it’s sure to make life easier during what will be an amazing weekend.  Now go make some crazy plans for that group tattoo!

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