Wondering what 2020 looks like on the Central Coast? It’s delicious food paired with great drinks, fun nightlife that will take you all over San Luis Obispo County and a great balance of healthy living while still indulging. With so much to explore, we’ve put together a mini-roadmap to help you enjoy your New Year full of new experiences on the Central Coast.

restaurant in slo luna red
Photo by Luna Red

First stop on the Central Coast roadmap is food and drink pairings! (Warning, the following may include phenomenal sounding food that will make your mouth water-a lot.)

  1. Woodstock’s Pizza: Now you can customize your pizza like your New Year’s resolutions. With 6 different sauces and 32 different toppings, you can get a pizza for every different New Year’s resolution you have. After all, who wouldn’t want their pizza topped with slowly marinated carnitas, crispy bacon, with a southern chipotle sauce?  Wash it all down with a variety of beers ranging from Budlight to 805 to Tin City Cider.
  2. House of Bagels: Maybe you’re not ready for a full-on pizza experience just like you’re not ready for the New Year, that’s okay. We’ve got something for that too! Bite into a Pizza Bagel, not fully bagel and not fully pizza but a perfect mix of both.
  3. Old San Luis BBQ: Ready for something a little heartier? Old San Luis BBQ is a local favorite, stop by here and you’ll see why! Known for their grilled Angus tri-tip on fresh sourdough bread, this is a sandwich that’ll keep you coming back for more.
  4. Black Sheep Bar: Do your New Year’s resolutions seem to tower above you? Then you need the giant platter of nachos at Black Sheep Bar to help get you to the top. This beast is topped with onions, jalapenos, guacamole, sour cream, cilantro and more. After this meal, you’ll have all the energy you need to start on all of your 2020 goals.
  5. Looking for snacks and drinks on the go while you explore the Central Coast on your new adventure? Grab some beach snacks from California Fresh and for a drink that’ll knock your socks off, pop open a bottle of Rock n Roll Tequila.

Great deal alert! Starting New Year’s Day, a variety of restaurants in San Luis Obispo County will offer specialty courses at reduced prices throughout January. That’s right; restaurant month is in full swing here on the Central Coast, so make sure to pack your appetite.  Here are some of the delicious places you won’t want to miss.

  1. Novo Restaurant and Lounge: Dig into a three-course meal with Brussels sprouts with goat cheese, dried cherries, crispy prosciutto followed by a rich and creamy salmon bisque, ending with a pork chop glazed with market squash, bordelaise and forbidden black rice. (Is your mouth watering yet? Mine certainly is!)
  2. Luna Red: Like Novo Restaurant and Lounge, you’ll also be able to enjoy a three-course meal at a reduced price here. Start with a little gem salad topped with grilled knob onions, dried fruit, black pepper breadcrumbs, queso fresco and drizzled with poblano-lime dressing. Then follow it up with a zarzuela de mariscos, a Catalonian shellfish stew with ground almonds, tomato, onion, garlic, sweet pepper, clams, mussels, wild fish and shrimp. (It’s a dish perfect for the Central Coast; you won’t find seafood any fresher!) End your meal with a sweet helping of crema catalan.
restaurants downtown slo
Photo by The Mark

Once you’re nice and full, it’s time to hit the town! There are plenty of unique experiences on the Central Coast once the sun sets. (You certainly won’t be bored.) With over 200 wineries, dozens of breweries and several distilleries and unique venues like the ones we’ll mention below, you’re sure to enjoy your new 2020 nights on the Central Coast.

  1. The Mark: They’ve got a new name and a redesigned interior, but the same downtown SLO charm as always. Living up to their name, their food hits the spots and you can firmly place this establishment on your map of places to go for an evening out.
  2. Outlaws Bar, Grill and Casino: Get ready to put your cowboy hat on, out here is the law of the west. Step into a different era with this old western hideaway on the Central Coast. Mosey up to their full bar and grab yourself an old fashioned before you hit the pool tables. Feeling lucky? They have a poker room ready for you to test your card skills. Who knows, you might walk away with a little extra cash for the New Year.
  3. Blues Baseball: Last but certainly not least, you’ll need an experience that will last you far into 2020. Whether you’re a Central Coast local or a visitor, this experience will make it worth your while to keep coming back! Get your season pass for Blues Baseball. Enjoy exciting baseball games throughout the glowing summer days on the Central Coast.
slo gyms new years
Photo by Headstrong Fitness

Get ready to welcome a healthier you!  We’ve found the perfect health pairings for you to help you kick start any healthy New Year’s resolutions. (We’ve paired it better than wine and cheese, which, coincidentally, you can also find a lot of here too.) Discover the best gyms, meal prep and more down below.

  1. Choose from Headstrong Fitness or clUb 24 to hit the ground running for the New Year, literally. With classes ranging from Kickboxing to Yoga at clUb 24 and then cross-functional training at Headstrong Fitness, you can welcome in the New Year on your terms. A healthy new year wouldn’t be complete without a nutritious meal plan. Pair your new workout routine with Clean Machine Meals. They make eating healthy food easy and delicious! Enjoy weekly meals prepped and ready to go at your door. What are you waiting for? A healthier you for 2020 is waiting!
  2. New to the Central Coast are Urbn Leaf and Natural Healing Center. Both of these dispensaries are committed to the health and wellness of their customers. With products ranging from pain management topical creams (perfect for after workout soreness or a tight muscle) to those that encourage rest and a good night’s sleep, you can find what you need for your 2020 health here.

Are you ready to enjoy your New Year on the Central Coast? Let us help! With a wide selection of vehicles, we can take you all over the Central Coast for your next wine tour, company outing, or for any occasion! Our wonderful staff can be reached by the form below, or by phone at (805) 620-7233!

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