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Tin City is an up and coming area for wine tasters, food lovers, and those looking to have a great time in a trendy group setting. Located in South Paso Robles, the collective of restaurants, tasting rooms, breweries, and other fun locales offers a mid-range eclectic experience for those who want a little of everything that the Central Coast has to offer. For example, you could start off by playing games and enjoying a brew at Barrelhouse, move to a tasting flight at ONX Wines, pause for some mid-round dessert at Negranti Creamery, and end with a hearty meal at the Tin Canteen. This is just one example of a great day you could spend at this hidden gem.

One of the difficult elements of Tin City has traditionally been transportation to and from the destination. While it is perfectly feasible to drive, there is limited parking, and for large groups (which the zone caters well to), this would mean multiple cars and multiple designated drivers. Ride share services are similarly inefficient for such large groups (as well as the expense round-trip), so SLO Safe Ride decided to come up with a Saturday shuttle on select days to showcase Tin City—Read more about it below:


When does the SLO to Tin City Shuttle Run?

Select Saturdays each month—check SLO Safe Ride’s event Calendar for dates and availability! The shuttle picks up at 11:00 am in downtown SLO and leaves from Tin City at 5:00 pm.

Where does the shuttle start and stop?

Currently, the shuttle picks up in San Luis Obispo at The Mark. The Mark has been generous enough to offer 10 percent off of their brunch menu for all shuttle riders, and encourages patrons to show up before the 11:00 am departure to grab a bite or a mimosa as you wait. The shuttle then drops off right in front of Barrelhouse Brewery in Tin City, and guests are free to move about the market until the 5:00 pm pick up at the same location. Riders can expect to be back in SLO at around 5:45pm.

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How much is it for a ticket?

It’s only $25 for a round trip ticket on the Tin City Shuttle!  When compared to any of the ride share or other private transportation options, it’s a no-brainer to use this shuttle. Ridesharing from San Luis Obispo to Tin City is a minimum of $65 one-way for 4 people – up to $100 for XL! Make that round trip, divide by your 4 friends and you’re at $32.50 / person! Additionally, ONX winery, Culton, Kaleidos, and Powell Mountain offer two for one tastings for all patrons of the shuttle, adding additional value to an already amazing product!

How do you purchase tickets?

Visit our events page to see all pertinent details including this month’s date, and any specific instructions for the shuttle that might not have been covered here.

We hope this blog has helped shed some light on Tin City and our shuttle to it so that you might visit soon. It’s a super fun place to spend an afternoon, and we always encourage everyone to enjoy their lives responsibly, so buy a ticket and check it out today!


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