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A new year is like an open road—full of possibilities, adventure, and (we saved the best for last) travel! So why should you add more Central Coast travel to your New Year’s resolutions? Here are three great reasons you’ll want to build your itinerary:

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1. The first reason and (our favorite reason) is the wine!

With over 200 wineries in Paso Robles alone, you’d have to go wine tasting almost every day of the year to sip on all of the wine here on the Central Coast. (No one has accomplished this feat yet; will you be the one to do it?)  No matter where your New Year’s resolution of travel takes you, you’ll find excellent wines spanning from white, rosé to red and every mixture in between on the Central Coast.

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Not only is there plenty of wine variety, but there’s also plenty of travel distance between wineries as well. While some wineries are within only a couple of minutes from each other, others span the entire coast. You can sip on wines at Hearst Ranch Winery on the northern coast and then head south to Talley Vineyards in Arroyo Grande, taking in the ocean-side and rolling vineyard views along the way. More traveling for your New Year’s resolution means more wine and that’s something we highly recommend. (Discover easy and fun wine tours that can take you on your wine journey here.)

2. The second reason to travel more is to embark on new adventures for the New Year.

Did you know that at wineries like Dark Star in Paso Robles, you can challenge your friends to a friendly competition of ax throwing? Now, that’s a recipe for a memorable new year! For those looking to up their level of adventure, hop on a horse and explore the rolling hills with a guide at Cass Winery. Perhaps horses aren’t your thing, but you’re still searching for adventure to accompany your New Year resolution of travel. We recommend paying a visit to the small town of Santa Margarita on the Central Coast. Here you’ll find Margarita Adventures with six zip lines, spanning 7,500 feet – It’s an adventure you won’t want to miss. End your adventure on a tasty note with a tasting flight at Ancient Peaks Winery (our first and favorite reason for Central Coast travel).

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3. The third and final reason to travel more is for the memories you’ll create.

After a while, other New Year’s resolutions of new diets fade, gym plans get missed and other goals that you try to set in a year take more time than you can find in 12 months. However, the memories you’ll make when you travel more for your New Year’s resolution will last a lifetime. While we enjoy our wine and adventures, the true magic of travel lies in the memories you create when traveling. The laughter you’ll share with your friends as you drink wine while playing a game of giant Jenga at Barton Family Wines will stick with you.  Taking your special someone on a romantic limo ride to a sunset picnic at Croad Vineyards, is something you’ll share a smile with them about years from now. A new year for new memories; let’s travel!

Where will your New Year’s resolution of travel on the Central Coast take you?

Let us help you with your New Year’s resolution of travel! With a fleet of vehicles ranging from an intimate Mercedes Sprinter to a large 56 passenger Coach, we can take you and your friends or family wherever your New Year’s journey calls you. Our helpful staff can be reached by the form below, or by phone at (805) 620-7233!

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