Wine Tasting Map
Wine Tasting Map

Wow, we got to say, 2021 has taken some surprising turns. Enjoying the holidays with close friends, a loved one, or family will definitely look different this year. Throughout all that has changed, there’s one thing that hasn’t, and that’s the phenomenal wineries on the Central Coast. Our family-friendly wineries have their doors wide open and are ready to celebrate the holidays with you. With warm falls and mild winters, the Central Coast is an enticing holiday destination. That’s why this year, it’s time for new holiday traditions, to keep the stress low and the fun high! Introducing holiday wine tours, the solution to fun, safe and easy holidays. Here are 4 of the best ways to celebrate the holidays with wine tours in Edna Valley, Tin City, Paso Robles, and Santa Barbara.

Wine Tasting Map
Wine Tasting Map

1. Trick or Treat – Wine Style

Halloween 2021 is almost here and you know what that means…it’s the season of treats! So, why don’t you and some close friends, or family trick or treat your selves in wine country this year? Don’t forget to dress up! Not only does that make the wine tour more fun, but some wineries may give you a discount on your tasting (more on that below). Dress up as a winosaur (a wine-drinking dinosaur), a vampire that’s batty for wine, or something else that’s spook-tacular. Then add some Halloween jams to your travel playlist and hit the road! (If you’re looking for fantastic sound as you rock out to Monster Mash, we recommend our Luxury Limousine Bus with a premium sound system and two 12-inch subwoofers.)  Dressed up and tuned up,  you can take Halloween to a whole new level this year! Looking for Central Coast wineries that are guaranteed fa-boo-lous? Check out these local favorites below!

For Couples Stop At Tooth & Nail Winery:

Dress up as a queen, king, knight, or dragon and storm the castle! This Paso Robles winery comes complete with a moat, castle balcony, and wine fit for royalty and romance. Speaking of that little extra spark, this winery is currently hosting Twilight Reserve Tasting Experiences. You’ll be able to watch as the sun sets over the rolling hills of wine country from the castle’s rooftop, sitting next to your sweetheart.

Did we mention that they also have the world’s best garlic fries? They’re so good that even a vampire couldn’t turn them down!

For Friends Stop At Eberle Winery:

Haunt the underground wine caves at another Paso Robles winery,  dressed as a wine thirsty ghost. For Halloween 2020, this winery will be giving 15% off wine purchases to those dressed up from October 25th to 27th. (Now that’s a treat!) This winery is also pup-friendly, so four-legged friends are welcome!

For Families Stop At Lusso Della Terra:

For a change of pace, stop in the small city of San Miguel during October. Lusso Della Terra is hosting a pumpkin patch with over 10 different kinds of pumpkins! If you’re a family with kids, you could spend quite a bit of time exploring the pumpkin patch. From warty pumpkins to pumpkins that will make mouthwatering pumpkin pie, you’ll find them all here. Take home a couple of these orange fellas to carve at home. You can peruse the pumpkin patch before or after your wine tasting experience.

Wine Tasting Map
Wine Tasting Map

2.Gobbling Up Wine – Turkey Style

Do you hear that? It’s the gobbling of a nearby turkey! National turkey day / eating too many mashed potatoes day / the only day to eat pumpkin pie is almost upon us! November is the month that we all collectively agree to each too much food. (Just thinking about it makes our stomach growl!) While the majority of wineries on the Central Coast are closed Thanksgiving day, they’ll be open before and after the national “stuff your face with food” day. Like Halloween, we encourage riders to put on their best turkey costume and start gobbling up some wine. In the spirit of eating, here are three must-try wineries with mouthwatering restaurants. If you plan on nibbling at all the wineries you stop at, we also recommend packing some cold brew coffee to keep that food nap at bay. (While below we mention just Paso Robles wineries with restaurants below, there’s plenty of wineries that offer food in both Edna Valley and in Santa Barbara – ask our transportation concierges for more information about this when booking!)

For Hosting Inlaws Niner Wine Estates:

Are inlaws planning a Thanksgiving visit? Then you’ll want to stop at Niner Wine Estates, to enjoy food that would please the pickiest palate. This winery’s lunches are a favorite of Paso Robles locals.  Every meal is thoughtfully crafted so that it pairs with their Estate wines. The winery prides itself in knowing the farmers, butchers, and artisans they partner with to provide a locally crafted meal, from start to finish. This meal’s sure to please the inlaws!

For Couples Opolo:

Can you smell that? It’s house-made pizzas! Pizza and wine is a pairing that’s just meant to be, just like you and your date. Besides, the cheesy romance puns you can make over dinner are just too good to pass up. Here are a couple for you to try out.

– I love every pizza of you.
– You’ll always have a pizza of my heart.
– You’re my home slice.

Opolo is also one of the only place around that offers a pizza option with goat cheese – yum! These round saucers of flavor are sure to delight with every bite as you gaze out at the rolling Paso Robles hills. (We hope this suggestion wasn’t too cheesy for you.)

For Families Barton Family Estate:

Last but certainly not least is Barton Family Estate in Paso Robles. Neighbors to Tooth & Nail and Peachy Canyon Winery, this Paso Robles winery makes an ideal in-between wine tasting stop for a great lunch. They have a wide assortment of food ranging from mac and cheese (aka. the perfect kid-friendly dish for families) to salad, to gelato. Yum!

Wine Tasting Map
Wine Tasting Map

3.Winter & Wine Wonderland

The Central Coast is perfect for those looking to escape the snow and dreary weather. With mild winters, wine tasting from Paso Robles to Edna Valley to Santa Barbara are almost always pleasant with a good dose of coastal sunshine. Whether you’re celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or the Winter Solstice, wine tours bring people together to create experiences that will warm you up during the coldest of days. Just make sure to pack snacks, nothing deflates a holiday winter wine tour faster than someone that’s hangry. (In the spirit of Santa Claus we recommend packing cookies as snacks for this winter wonderland wine tour.)

For Couples Stop At The Allegretto Vineyard Resort:

For an intimate, cozy feel, Allegretto Vineyard Resort is the place to be during the winter! With an expansive fireplace and a warmly decorated interior, this is our go-to spot for couples looking to snuggle close and unwind. We recommend this as the final stop on any holiday/winter wine tour. Enjoy a couple’s spa visit at the resort after wine tasting by the fireside. Then order a warm and meal from Cello Ristorante & Bar, the onsite restaurant (we recommend digging into the Italian Sausage Ravioli). The Allegretto has plenty of luxurious accommodations for couples wanting to stay the night in wine country right next to rolling vineyards.

For Families Stop At Tin City:

20+ wine tasting rooms, a brewery, a cidery, 2 distilleries, and a restaurant, Tin City in Paso Robles has something for everyone. The variety of family-friendly tasting rooms, all within walking distance makes it the ideal stop for families on a holiday tour. You can easily spend all day here! (We’re sure it’s where good ol’ St. Nick takes his elves after a busy Christmas to relax.)

For Hosting Inlaws Stop At DAOU:

Hosting your inlaws for the winter holidays? We’ve got a wine tour stop that’s sure to please and impress. Not only is the view from DAOU mountain breathtaking, and one of the best winery views in Paso Robles, but the tasting experience is a whole new level. Wine taste from the mountainside while enjoying culinary pairings like Poached Gulf Shrimp or the Smoked Ribeye Salad. Cheers to happy inlaws, and an easy holiday celebration.

Wine Tasting Map
Wine Tasting Map

4.New Year & New Cheers

We don’t know about you, but we’re pretty tired of 2021. If you’re like us then we know you can’t wait to ring in the New Year. Hello, 2022! There’s no better way to We want to help you ring in the New Year properly with some of the best bubbly wine on the Central Coast.  Here are a few that you won’t want to miss

For Couples Stop At Rava Wines + Events:

Ring in the new year with a Patio Table Tasting, in the heart of Paso Robles Wine Country. Toast with sparkling wines with your sweetheart that have been carefully crafted in the traditional méthode champenoise style. Enjoy a completely sparkling wine tasting with 5 sparkling wines. 

For Families Stop At Laetitia Vineyard & Winery:

If you make your way towards the coast, you’ll find Laetitia Vineyard & Winery, tucked into Edna Valley. Known as one of the best wineries on the Central Coast for sparkling wine, this is a must-stop for any holiday wine tour. Here you’ll find games like bocce ball courts to keep the kids and adults of the group entertained. The winery also has spacious picnic areas, perfect for children to run around and play tag during the tasting. You’ll even discover a walking trail that you can explore in-between pours. Paired with oceanside views, you’ll find that this winery is perfect for the New Year.

For Friends Stop At Riverbench Tasting Room:

Looking to celebrate the New Year in style with your friends? Check out the Riverbench Tasting Room, located in the Funk Zone in Santa Barbara. (The Funk Zone is a collection of wineries, breweries, and distillery tasting rooms, within walking distance of the ocean in Santa Barbara. It’s truly one fun and funky part of Santa Barbara.) At the Riverbench Tasting Room, you and your friends can enjoy a Sip & Savor tasting. You’ll be able to try their entire flight of sparkling wines, and then a glass of wine after, in addition to a food pairing. We’ll cheers to that combination!

Holiday Wine Tour

No matter the holiday or who you’re celebrating with, you can count on our holiday wine tours to take the stress out of holiday planning and hosting. Let our team of transportation concierges take care of the details, we can make reservations for wineries, restaurants, and even stock your vehicle with additional snacks (upon request).  Give our team a call at (805) 620-7233 or fill out the form below to get started.


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