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Paso Robles is calling! This town on the Central Coast is every wine lover’s dream. Home to hundreds of wineries nestled in rolling hills; with over 40 grape varieties for production, there’s something for every type of wine enthusiast here. To ensure you get the best wine tasting experience we created a quick guide that covers three things you’ll want to have as you sip through wine country.

1. A Designated Driver 


Hiring a designated driver makes visiting wineries that offer complimentary tastings like Tobin James Cellar easy and safe. You’re not here to turn down free wine, are you? Trust us, you’ll want to enjoy each of the phenomenal varietals these Paso Robles has to offer, from rich Cabernet Sauvignons to crisp Chardonnays and a range of dessert wines. Thanks to the unique microclimates in Paso Robles, each winery can create a bottle that shows off the grape, the region, and a personal touch. Besides, who doesn’t like kicking back in La-Z-Boy recliners in a Mercedes Sprinter with someone taking care of the directions as they explore wine country?

Tastings at Tobin James Cellar are free.

2. A Camera and Friends


Between the beautiful wines glistening in the sun and the breathtaking pink and orange sunsets that blanket vineyard-covered hilltops, you won’t want to leave your camera at home. Instead of always juggling your phone and that glass of wine, bring a friend that can both model for and take photos! That way, you score the perfect shots as you both embark on your private tasting and tour at Stillwaters Vineyard. On your tour, you’ll explore 65 acres of vineyards and gardens, perfect for finding your next online profile picture! After your trip through the fields, you’ll want a friend to talk you into or out of trouble as you relax under the warm Paso Robles sun sipping on your wine.

Private tours and tastings at Stillwaters Vineyard are $25 per person.

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3. Tasty Food


Last, but certainly not least on our list, is filling your belly! At a minimum, there needs to be snacks present, or you can take your food game to the next level with a catered lunch. Wine tasting is a lot of work and you’re almost guaranteed to be hungry toward the end of your second winery. Don’t get stuck without something to nibble on. Picture this: you’re relaxing on the Paso Robles hillside with a catered lunch with local offerings and a glass of wine at The Fableist Wine Company’s new Templeton tasting room. Now that’s the full Paso Robles wine tasting experience. (Did you know SLO Safe Ride partners with local eateries to provide catered lunches? Learn more here.)

Tastings at The Fableist Wine Company are $15 per person.

Alternatively, a great way to end your wine tasting tour  is at the Farmhouse at Pomar, right next to the Fableist Wine Company’s Templeton tasting room. Wrap up with linner (lunch and dinner) before retiring to this secret getaway. The Farmhouse at Pomar has two private bedrooms, a living room, two bathrooms (equipped with a jacuzzi tub for ultimate relaxation) and more.

Rent the Farmhouse for yourself here.


Now that you’ve got everything ready to go, we’ve got a sneak peek of some Paso Robles wineries that you’ll want to visit while you’re wine tasting. (For more tasting information, visit here.)

Tasting fee: $10 per person for 6 tastes and $20 per person for groups of eight or more. Pear Valley Winery is well-known for being the perfect picnic location. With outdoor seating and hilltop views, it takes picnicking to the next level.

Tasting fee: $15 per person. Broken Earth Winery is well-loved by locals for their food from their onsite restaurant, La Cucina. La Cucina is an easy and tasty spot to grab a tasty pizza only steps away from the tasting room.

Tasting fee: Classic wine flight $15 per person, sparkling wine flight $20 per person; tasting fees are waived with a two-bottle purchase. With some of the best bubbly wines in Pao Robles, you won’t want to miss this stop.

Tasting Fee: $20 per person, tasting is complimentary for club members. Most notably, Niner Wine Estates is known for their oak grove at the top of the hillside that’s in the shape of a heart.

Tasting Fee: $15 per person, waived with a two-bottle purchase. Peachy Canyon Winery is perfect for Zinfandel lovers or anyone who enjoys tasting wine in a historic schoolhouse.


If you would like enjoyable and stress-free transportation for your next wine tasting adventure in the wine country of Paso Robles, you can reach our wonderful staff at the form below or by phone at (805) 620-7233.

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