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We’re all sick of marketing campaigns talking about ‘new normal’ and ‘uncertain times’. What does that even mean, every company on the planet? No one has the answer to that globally, so the best we can do as a charter transportation provider is tell you specific guidelines to travel while there is still risk in the air.

1.Book with reputable vendors

We advise this in all our content for a reason. Getting into a car puts your life on the line, no matter who is driving it. Due diligence is critical in figuring out what vendors you can trust, especially as rideshare apps are not great at enforcing their policies. Take your time in vetting a company to pick you up at the airport if you’re flying in to town; it will be worth the extra money and is a smoother experience.

For group outings and activities, the same rules apply: book with a provider who can give you clear policies on sanitization, mask-wearing, temperature checks, and even being licensed to operate. We have found that because many companies had to cut staff and costs, there has been an influx of illegal operations throughout the nation, and that is never going to be a good equation for any parties.

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2. Respect everyone’s space

While we certainly don’t recommend going on a packed subway any time soon, there is going to be interaction with people in relative close proximity. The number one thing to remember is protect yourself first: wear a mask if it is required or you feel the need, wash your hands as much as possible, and maintain proper social distancing. Additionally, this is a time of psychological uncertainty as well- many people hold different beliefs about what is proper etiquette, and we’ve found it works best when people respect the wishes for space or compliance rather than bemoaning the situation.


3. Check cancellation policies or insurance for bookings

Many customers in all travel sectors fell prey to rigid cancellation or refund policies as Covid-19 started to take hold of the world in March. With events still not a guarantee during reopening and the possibility of plans changing always in the mix, it is a good idea to inquire about what a company’s cancellation policy or trip insurance policy is. At SLO Safe Ride, we’ve drastically reduced our number of days out before locking a deposit in so that there can be flexible booking and refunds for our customers.


4. Focus on why you’re traveling

It can be easy to lose sight of the task at hand when there is a veritable checklist for just going outside. Things seem to be opening up, which is a huge positive, and we can now travel for business, leisure, and to see our families. If you hire consummate professionals for your bus, limousine, or town car service, it will let you leave some of your worries at the door. After all, that’s what the whole new normal business is about, right?

If you would like to book charter transportation service with SLO Safe Ride, please email us at, or give us a call at (805) 620-SAFE. We look forward to giving you peace of mind on whatever journey you decide on.      

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We have included our Updated Procedures for our Customers, Drivers, Detailers, and Office Staff to stay safe.

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