Interested in working with us on a constant basis? Looking to team up for your summer concert series? Shuttle transportation for an annual winery event? Look no further! SLO Safe Ride has been teaming up with local businesses and venues for the last 9 years to make sure you get the best service on the Central Coast as frequently as you need it! Below are just a few of the local businesses we team up with almost every week:

What our long term customers say about us:

“SLO Safe Ride did an excellent job in communicating with us. I appreciated the call from the bus driver once he arrived and informed me how he could be reached. He was quick to answer the phone and had all of the information on hand that we had provided. The event went very smoothly for us. Thank you!”
Katie McGuire, Career Services, Cal Poly
“I recommend SLO Safe Ride to anyone looking for a reliable shuttle service and a professional, enjoyable transportation experience.”
Kevin Foley, Logistics Manager, MINDBODY
“Thanks so much for your service yesterday. The team had a blast and you guys were absolutely key.”
James A. Powers IV, Operations Manager, Meathead Movers
“THANK YOU! Yes, you, Dwayne and the overall service and experience with SLO Safe Ride yesterday was fantastic. Thank you again for your last minute help. All was fantastic. We look forward to doing business with you in the future as well.”
— Jenny Gann, Cal Poly

For more details on long term contracts give us a call at 805.620.7233 or shoot us an email at

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