This year marks the 36th year of the Paso Robles Wine Fest – a wine country tradition. Between vineyard tours with exclusive tastings, Winemaker dinners and live music, there are many sips to savor and good times to be had. You’ll experience the Paso Robles wine country in one weekend with over 70 wineries. There’s no need to hesitate attending this festival since studies show that wine is healthy!

  1. You ride, we drive! Your secret is safe with us – a few glasses of these elegant reds can have you feeling a little bubbly. Our Wine Shuttles can take you from anywhere along the Central Coast to the Paso Wine Festival, and back!
  2. Wine, food, music. What more do you need? Live music will be from 1 PM – 4PM on Saturday and Sunday!
  3. Wineries, including McPrice Myers and ONX Estates, present their wines reserved for special occasions. Don’t miss out on their exclusive offerings!
  4. If you’re intrigued by the process behind crafting this magical beverage, vineyard tours are offered by various Paso Robles wineries to present what makes their selection different from the rest.
  5. Did we mention the food? There is an array of pop-up dinners at select wineries to fill you up after you’ve wined down, including: Italian Night, Cracked Crab, and Farmstead Kitchen, with courses featuring Banana Donuts and Spiced Chocolate, Charred Octopus with a side of Mustard Greens and Carrot Puree, and Fagioli Bruschetta.

You’re Spritzed Up

Five courses and a few glasses of wine later, you’re ready to head home! Don’t worry, we weren’t counting either. Schedule your ride ahead of time here.

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