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Are you planning a dream Central Coast wedding?

It’s never to early to start planning your scenic ceremony! No matter where you’re having your wedding, from Santa Barbara to San Luis Obispo or Paso Robles, here are three critical benefits to private transportation and what you should know before you book:

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1. Clean and Safe Means Safe for Guests

Renting a private charter offers another level of cleanliness and sanitation. Unlike rideshares and public transportation, private companies usually have an increased level of cleanliness for your guests.

However, we want to add a word of caution here: being in the industry, we hear about some companies that don’t. This is why it’s essential to inquire about how frequently they clean their vehicles, the standard of sanitation you can expect and the medical standards they have in place for their drivers. You’ll want to ensure that your wedding transportation company isn’t cutting corners and putting you or your friends and family at risk with a wedding guest shuttle.Side note here, we’re happy to say that all of our vehicles are cleaned extensively by a team of detailers. They use a variety of tools, ranging from powerful cleaning products to ultraviolet light to provide an additional level of sanitation before the vehicle ever leaves our lot.

Pro tip: check their Yelp and Google reviews prior to booking to see what previous customers have said about the cleanliness – we have seen that as one of the most common praises to be mentioned in our reviews!

You can also trust that if you ride with us, your driver will meet all medically compliant standards. We want to make sure that your friends, niece, nephews, grandparents and more can ride safely and at ease to your wedding. (Learn more about our safety and health standards here.)

2. Flexibility: Find the Right Vehicle for the Right Moment

Not only do private guest shuttles provide an extra level of safety and sanitation, but they also offer increased flexibility. Maybe you need a 56 passenger bus for your guests, and a getaway car, say a Chrysler 300c Luxury Sedan, for you and your honey after the ceremony? With a large range of vehicle sizes, purpose, and features, a private transportation company can match your needs to the most efficient vehicle in their fleet.

Working with private transportation companies should provide plenty of options at your disposal. Looking to do a celebratory wine tour with the wedding party the day before the wedding? A wedding party bus, a Limousine Bus, should do the trick! Every vehicle comes equipped with exclusive features, so make sure to ask about the details about the vehicle before you rent it, to ensure you find the perfect one for your perfect day.

3. Skilled & Trained Professional Drivers

Last, but certainly not least, a significant benefit of renting a private bus for your Central Coast wedding is the training that your driver should have. Your driver should always

Sudden hiccups are the last thing you want from any transportation company, especially when you’re only minutes away from walking down the aisle. Ask your transportation company about their driver standards, in addition to route details. While here at SLO Safe Ride, we have our drivers go through extensive professional training and test/establish the route in advance, not all private companies do.

Your wedding day is a time for spectacular memories and not for wedding transportation hassle. That’s why we’re happy to help connect you to some of the best wedding planners, vendors, and venues on the Central Coast to help you with your big day. We do the coordinating and the planning, so you don’t have to. If you’d like to know more about how we can help you with your big day, call at (805) 620-7233 or fill out the form to get started.

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