Paso Robles and Templeton have long been known as wine regions, and while they host an abundance of alluring tasting rooms to visit for weekend travelers, there are many to choose from in these very spread out regions. With so much to see, a wine tasting tour takes careful planning—and while we promise it’s worth it, the traditional wine tour isn’t for everyone. Enter Tin City—an up and coming region for adult debauchery housed all within one tidy block. It has wine tasting, beer tasting, cider tasting, and spirits. Its got, tacos, coffee, ice cream, and cupcake pairings. Need more convincing? Join us on our next shuttle and we’ll show you!

SLO Safe Ride has been hosting a regular shuttle to Tin City on select Saturdays and Sundays, and the results have been positive in all aspects. Local businesses such as Tin City Cider, ONX Wines, Barrelhouse Brewing, and Wine Shine have been receptive to ticket-holders from the start. Kaleidos Wines was especially excited to relay that they will be having wine and cupcake tastings starting the first weekend of every month starting in March—coincidentally the next SLO Safe Ride shuttle to Tin City! If you’re looking for something a little different, test out Calwise Spirits and KiloKilo Brewing, located on the outskirts of Tin City. Like we said, it doesn’t take much convincing to try something new, and at only $25 per ticket for a round trip ride, this is an easy way to make it up and experience all there is to offer.

Such a day is not without a bit of a direction, though– we’ll highlight what we think a good use of your time on the block looks like (though believe us, it’s hard to go wrong with all excellent venues!)

Step 1: Assemble Your Friends

A cheap way to transport people up to a wine and beer-centric region? You know the drill—call your friends, and have them call their friends! After that, let them know to meet you at The Mark in downtown SLO. The best part of our Tin City Shuttles is the social aspect – whether you bring just yourself or your squad of 10, meet new people on the shuttle and have a great time!

Step 2: Grab a drink at The Mark

We’re supporting all local venues here, including the San Luis Obispo leg of this adventure day! The staff at The Mark is always coming up with fun drink deals and creative libations, so make sure to poke your head in start the day off right. If you get there early enough, prepare for the day with, we quote, “the best huevos rancheros.”

Step 3: Sing your heart out on the way to Tin City

SLO Safe Ride shuttles are known for their well-crafted throwback playlists. Don’t be shy, we’re more than just a bus—so buckle up and sing along! 😃 You can follow our very own SLO Safe Ride DJ on Spotify, and feel free to email us with any suggestions. After all, we want you to enjoy the ride!

group tour

Step 4: Tin City Cider

As the namesake to the region and host to delicious cider, food, and a plethora of games, we eagerly nominate them as the first stop on your excursion. From there, we’ll let you be a little more choosy, but we did mention some of the other great venues ready for adventurers, so make sure to hit them up, too!

wine tour


Step 5: Halftime Affogato at Negranti

Ice cream is great. Coffee is great. You know what’s really great? If you guessed coffee and ice cream combined, then your inductive powers are at exactly where ours are at. Seriously though, as the day goes on, you might be wanting both a pick-me-up and a delicious treat, and Negranti can play host to both at once. If you just want to get one or the other, they can separate the caffeine and the sugar, as well. We highly recommend!

tin city paso


Step 6: Take some damn photos!

Tin City is gaining notoriety on the Central Coast as a place to be, and has some great architecture and open spaces to get everyone together for a group shot. Double points if you make a live video of you swinging the pendulum at Wine Shine. Mostly, it’s great to look back on everyone’s smiling face as you’re enjoying a weekend on the Central Coast together! Pro tip: the lighting outside The Fableist is prime – especially around 1 PM.


Step 7: Enjoy the safe ride home that you planned in advance

Self-explanatory, why we’re here, and props to you for making a great choice! Complimentary bottled water upon departure. We got you.

wine tour


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