Can you smell that? It’s the smell of pumpkin-spice lattes, and chocolate wafting through the air. Hello, October, aka Halloween season! Come sip & treat with us as we celebrate this creepy time all month long. Vampires, zombies, ghosts are all welcomed to join in the fun! Here are 4 one-of-a-kind Paso Robles wineries paired with a nearby sweet stop!

1. The Caves At Eberle Winery

Zip up that bat costume, or put the cape on your vampire outfit; you’ll need it as you step into the vast underground caves at Eberle Winery. This winery, located conveniently next to Sensorio Field of Lights, holds a deep secret, their 16,800 square feet of caves. They’re one of the few Paso Robles wineries with caverns, so definitely a must-see! Their cave tours are free and are offered a couple of times throughout the day, so we recommend calling ahead of time to see what time slots they’re offering for tours on the day you’d like to visit.

Sweet Treat Pairing: Leo Leo Gelato
Open: Daily | 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Tasting Fee: Free
Phone Number: (805) 238-9607
Make A Reservation – Click Here

Paso Robles Wineries For Halloween Tooth And Nail Winery

2. The Paso Robles Castle Tooth & Nail

Calling all Halloween royalty! Grab your crown and red caps queens and kings of October, and check out the Paso Robles castle. Cross the drawbridge, over the moat, and step into your kingdom. You can sip from a castle balcony overlooking the sprawling Paso Robles hillside, perfect for sunsets, or you can opt for a more in-depth tour. Tooth & Nail Winery tours will take you through the vineyards, into their barrel room, and through the castle. Tours can accommodate up to ten people and will cost $80 per person.

Sweet Treat Pairing: Negranti Creamery
Open: Sunday – Thursday | 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM | Friday – Saturday | 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Tasting Fee: $30 For A Mixed Red Tasting Per Person | $40 For An All Red Tasting
Tasting Fees Are Waived With 2 Bottle Or $50 Purchase
Phone Number: (805) 369-6100
Make A Reservation – Click Here

Paso Robles Wineries For Halloween Sculpterra Winery

3. The Sculpture Garden At Sculpterra Winery

Take a walk on the wild side (lions, tigers, and bears – oh my!) and explore the towering animal sculptures at Sculpterra Winery. Explore world-class art as you sip on your wine. The sculpture garden is free to explore, and you’ll be able to find incredible art everywhere on the property. There’s truly nothing quite like this anywhere else in Paso Robles. (Did we mention they’re also dog-friendly?)

Sweet Treat Pairing: Cider Creek Bakery & Deli
Open: Daily | 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Tasting Fee: Varies
Phone Number: (805) 226-8881
Make A Reservation – Click Here

Paso Robles Wineries For Halloween Tobin James Cellars

4. Tobin James Cellars

Yeehaw! If you’re a cowgirl/boy this Halloween, you won’t want to miss checking out Tobin James! This winery was built from the ground up on the site of an old stagecoach stop. The property is decorated with wooden structures, a towering water pump, and even a restored stagecoach stop (now serving as the guest house). There’s plenty of history and wine to discover here!

Sweet Treat Pairing: SLO Sweets
Open: Daily | 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Tasting Fee: $20 Per Person
Phone Number: (805) 239-2204
Make A Reservation – Click Here

Sip & Treat With Us

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