Do you hear that? It’s the sound of happy brides or grooms toasting with a glass of wine surrounded by friends and family celebrating their wedding on the Central Coast. With miles of glistening beaches to rolling vineyard hills, the weddings on the Central Coast can be some of the best! But, if you’ve begun to embark on the wedding planning phase, you also know just how complicated weddings can be, despite the beauty of the location. Weddings can be incredibly stressful.

The real secret to a successful and enjoyable wedding lies in something you may not have even thought about…Transportation. Below, we’re going to show you how you can use transportation to ensure your big day is as stress-free and fun as possible.

Photo Features Guests On Our Luxury Prevost

Take Advantage Of Guest Shuttles

The Central Coast is full of windy roads, hills, spotty cell service, and narrow roads. Trying to navigate in on unfamiliar streets as a wedding guest, especially when you’re trying to find a venue deep in the rolling vineyard hills of Paso Robles, is challenging. So, to save yourself time from lost guests calling for directions or from late guests, get a guest shuttle. Most guest shuttles will offer hassle-free, round-trip transportation to your guests’ hotel(s).

Securing safe guest transportation also ensures that your family and friends can fully celebrate your wedding with you, instead of heading out after the ceremony and one drink. Or, say your guests have had a couple of drinks, with guest shuttles, you can still breathe easy knowing that they have a safe way back to their hotel. Trust us, especially at night, the windy roads with the occasional deer aren’t ideal for those unfamiliar with the Central Coast area.

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Enjoy The Getaway Car

Whether it’s driving to the San Luis Obispo airport to catch your honeymoon flight or to your romantic suite in Pismo Beach overlooking the ocean, after an incredibly busy day the last thing you and your new partner want to do is drive. That’s where Getaway Cars come in handy! These smaller but luxurious vehicles are ready to pick you up when and where you need them. They have a lot of flexibility. Need to swing by a Paso Robles restaurant before your flight to grab a bite? Or would you like the car pre-stocked with champagne for more wedding celebration? When you’re in a Getaway Car on your wedding day, the world is your oyster!

Limo Bus On A Wine Tour

Don’t Forget About The Post-Wedding Celebration Transportation

Maybe your honeymoon isn’t until a couple of days after the wedding, but you only reserved the wedding venue for a couple of hours. That’s where post-wedding transportation is a lifesaver. From large Luxury Coaches to Limo Buses, you can keep the party going all day long! (Did we mention our Limo Buses have onboard bars?)

Embark On A Private Wine Tour

Do you need transportation for your wedding on the Central Coast? Give us a call at (805) 620-7233; we’d love to help connect you to the best Central Coast wedding planners, venues, caterers and, of course, transportation. Not to toot our own horn, but there’s a reason we’re the Central Coast’s leading transportation provider that specializes in wedding shuttles for guests, wedding party transportation, bachelor(ette) tours, and more!

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