San Luis Obispo County is the ultimate destination wedding location – with rolling hills, verdant vineyards, and coastline views, couples can complete their nuptials with their choice of pristine scenery playing a key role.  Many of these stunning venues are on ranches or countryside properties, which makes it important to have shuttles so that guests can enjoy themselves responsibly.  Below are some key points to consider when hiring a shuttle service provider for the big day:

wedding transportation


  1. Book Transportation in Advance (& Make Sure They’re Pro)

Book your transportation at least six months before your wedding date as soon as you’ve decided on your ceremony and reception site in San Luis Obispo or Paso Robles. Most transportation companies accept wedding transportation requests with an estimated range of guests, and SLO Safe Ride is flexible with changes to itineraries, so if your guest list grows or shrinks, we can help you manage the cost.


  1. Safety First

It may seem intuitive, but not all transportation companies are licensed. Watch out for these unsavory vendors, as they may not follow state and federal regulations. Here at SLO Safe Ride, we list our license numbers on our website, as well as on our buses to ensure customers that we comply with all regulations. Your safety is our first concern!


  1. Understand How Pricing Works

Pricing of transportation depends on a number of factors, including: passenger count, vehicle, mileage, and number of hours. When you request a quote via form submission, e-mail, or phone call for any transportation service be ready to provide details of your wedding day; type of wedding transportation (getaway car, guest shuttling, wedding party transport, etc.), number of estimated guests, pick up locations, wedding venue, number of hours of service, and more!

wedding shuttle


  1. Limos Bus is a Plus

Wedding limos are always a fun idea, but did you know most transportation companies offer more than just a stretch limo? Examples of such vehicles range from an executive sedan as a getaway car, a limo bus with more room to dance around the perimeter seating, or luxury charter buses for more than 24 people.


  1. The Importance of Shuttling Guests

Leave no one behind, right? There are various reasons as to why providing transportation for your wedding guests is important – parking can be a hassle, they’ll be less fun on the dance floor toward the end of the night, those unfamiliar with the area may get lost – the list goes on. Maybe it will convince more people to celebrate your special day with you.


  1. Specify Any Special Requests

This is your day – specify any requests you may have. SLO Safe Ride can accommodate your favorite type of champagne, how to driver dresses, an auxiliary cord or your favorite playlist. Ask us about your preferences when requesting a quote, so we can build it into your contract!


  1. Decorations Are Allowed (& Encouraged)

Start your wedding theme with the bus! We welcome any one to decorate the buses and make it their own. String lights, flowers, and a slideshow of the couple have all been supplemented on previous wedding charters to add a personal touch!

wedding shuttle

  1. Don’t Skim the Contract

Yes, these contracts are just like the Terms and Conditions you automatically click “Accept” to, but we do encourage you to read through them. These contracts involve important information regarding additional charges, wait time, and overall safety information regarding your transportation.


  1. Make the whole week eventful!

Rehearsal dinners, bachelor and bachelorette parties, post-wedding celebration with the family – it’s such a wonderful time with all of your favorite people.  In most cases, people are coming in from out of town and traveling in groups, so hiring transportation remains key–  we’re all here to support the newlyweds.


  1. Don’t Forget Your Photographer

Make sure the photographer arrives on time, and captures priceless moments before, during, and after the ceremony!  We know it’s not transportation, and you likely have this one locked up, but hey, maybe we saved one person from getting yelled at 🙂

SLO Safe Ride is the Central Coast’s leading transportation provider that specializes in wedding shuttles for guests, wedding party transportation, bachelor(ette) tours, and more! Visit our Wedding Page for more information!

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