Did you know that private charters are now one of the most in-demand transportation options here on the Central Coast? It’s left taxis and ridesharing vehicles in the dust! Today’s savvy travelers are booking privately for everything from airport pickups and drop-offs, business travel, and leisurely adventures. Why? Well, buckle up; here are the big 3 reasons people are booking private charters (and why you might want to try it out too).

1. A Standard Of Cleanliness & Sanitation You And Your Family Can Count On

Now that we’re recovering from a global pandemic, it’s put the focus on cleaning and sanitation. After all, you can spend anywhere from 10 minutes to hours traveling in a vehicle. Who wants to spend it in the same space where someone might have sneezed, coughed, sweat, or puked all over the seats right before you? Yikes. Pandemic or not, no one wants to pick up a cold or the flu from traveling, and taxis and ridesharing vehicles are breeding grounds for them. There’s just not enough time between pickups for drivers of old modes of transportation to deep clean their ride for you. Private charters can.

We’ve had a team of trained detailers deep cleaning and sanitizing our vehicles between every ride before the pandemic, and we’ll have this same cleaning team after. The health and safety of our riders is something we take seriously. Because your experience as you leave our vehicles matter just as much as your experience in our vehicles. It’s not just the standard ways of cleaning either. We’re always looking for new technology and products that allow us to clean and sanitize our vehicles ever better. Once information came out that COVID-19 could be cleaned from surfaces with focused ultraviolet light, we incorporated that into our cleaning procedure. The health of grandparents traveling to visit grandkids or the health of your family as you go on your big beach trip matters to us.

2. Travel Like A Local And Do It Easily

The last time we checked, taxis still won’t make reservations for you at the new bar in downtown Paso Robles. Ridesharing vehicles won’t ensure your reservations are ready at the restaurant after you get off the plane. Private charters can and will do that. As a private charter company, we have an entire department dedicated to ensuring that you have a seamless experience from your airport pickup to the hotel and then to the restaurant.

It also helps that we know the local businesses in the area and can get you connected to the experience you want to have on the Central Coast. Want to know the best wineries in Paso Robles for red wine? We can help. Looking for summer-worthy family activities on Pismo, Morro Bay, Avila beach, we’ve got plenty of suggestions. We always try to go the extra mile to ensure your experience traveling on the Central Coast is a great one!

3. It’s Plain Enjoyable

No one’s been out traveling in who knows how long; it’s just plain nice to be able to relax and explore. With comfortable seating, travel amenities, and high quality of service, private charters are now the most sought-after option for vacations, escape-the-house journeys, and for all things business. After such a long time of not traveling, no one wants to be stuck in a small cramped taxi, or ridesharing vehicle with someone’s old kleenex stuck in the back seat. You deserve better.

Are you ready to start on your 2021 travels? With professional and experienced drivers and vehicles of all sizes (from a luxury sedan to a Limo Bus), you can relax as you cruise through the Central Coast. Our team of travel concierges are standing by to ensure you have an incredible experience.

Give our team a call at (805) 620-7233 or fill out the form below for a complimentary private transportation quote.

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