Wine Tasting On The Central Coast

Above is just a snapshot of all of the incredible wineries on the Central Coast. Did you know that in Paso Robles alone, there are over 300 wineries? You could go wine tasting every weekend and still not see all of the wineries on the coast! Each of these wine regions, Edna Valley, Tin City, Paso Robles and Santa Barbara all offer unique regional wines with a different local flair. Keep reading to learn more about these four must-stop wine regions on the Central Coast. (If you would like to see a bigger list of wineries in each wine country region, along with their tasting fees, please click here. )


Edna Valley

Welcome to wineries just miles off the coast. The wines you’ll taste here are uniquely impacted by the cool coastal weather, rolling morning fog, and the region’s rocky volcanic soils. Edna Valley stretches from San Luis Obispo to the cozy beach towns of Arroyo Grande and Avila Valley. With mild winters and gentle summers, wine tasting in Edna Valley is a treat year-round! The majority of wineries you can explore here are boutique, family-owned and small, creating limited editions of only the very best wine. You won’t taste anything quite like what you’ll find in Edna Valley- guaranteed!


Tin City

Tucked into an industrial park in Paso Robles wine country,  you’ll find Tin City. The tasting rooms here offer a one-of-a-kind experience. There are very few places that you can enjoy a wine tasting and then walk five feet to enjoy a beer at a brewery, and then walk right next door and taste at a distillery. Tin City’s greatest appeal lies in how approachable for those new to wine, and for it’s incredible flexibility. Offering, wine tasting, cider, beer, spirits, food and more, you’ll find that visiting Tin City is an all-day experience. (Did we mention that the new Paso Market Walk is only a couple miles away – and is the perfect place to grab a bite and snacks for Tin City?)


Paso Robles

Jump into the heart of wine country, Paso Robles is by far the largest wine region in San Luis Obispo County. With over 40,000 acres of vineyards and 300+ wineries, you could spend years trying all of the wineries here. Expect to taste wine made from 40 winegrape varieties – from Spanish to Italian, Bordeaux to Rhône, including the area’s heritage variety Zinfandel. Well-beloved for it’s rolling vineyard hills, you’ll find some of the best views and sunsets here as wine taste. (Here are our top picks for Paso Robles wineries with the best views.) You’ll also find that a good percentage of the wineries here offer additional activities for you to enjoy before and after you’re wine tasting, from horseback riding through the vineyard to jeep explorations and more. 


Santa Barbara 

Unlike the previous destination, Santa Barbara is comprised of three mini-destinations/regions within it. The first is downtown/coastal Santa Barbara, here you’ll find wine tasting rooms within walking distance from the glistening coastal shore. Then there’s Santa Ynez, a well-known wine region, beloved for the variety of wineries and flavors. There are over 60 different grape varietals used in the wine you’ll taste here. The third destination is Los Alamos Valley, cooler than Santa Ynez but warmer than it’s coastal neighbors. While they offer a wide variety of wines, we recommend trying their famous premium stone fruit blends of Chardonnay. 

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